Wednesday, November 24, 2010


my mom & my sister told me that I'm a kasar person..yg pernah brkawan or pernah beborak with me tau yg izyan mmg agak pengasar orgnye..i admit that..something that i've done mmg agak kasar..bercakap dgn mmber or someone pn ape kurangnye..huhu..juz da klau org yg xrapat n xknl sngt tu..mmg tak la nk kasar2..(hipokrit giler weyh)..hik3.. i used to be me as a kasar person..or have some boyish characters..maybe ade yg xslese or can't accept(sorry)because izyan adlh seorang perempuan..hik3..insyaAllah..someday.. i'll be changed...who knows??

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